Will you be the Purse or Will you be the Nurse? 

LONG TERM CARE 1)  You may never need care, but if you did, how will that affect your family?  Spouse?  Adult Children?  Family Dynamics?  Finances?  2)  AND, if you did need care, how will you pay for it?  Government?  LTC Insurance?  Self Fund? 

"Will you be the Purse or Will you be the Nurse? "

As many baby boomers are finding out, taking care of an elderly parent can be very stressful, both financially and emotionally.   Now fast forward 20+ years later, and will your children or a close family member have to face the same problems, but this time the elderly person that needs taken care of is you?

Regardless of the level of care you, your spouse or an elderly parent may need, the real question is how will this affect your family?  And secondly, how will you pay for it?

Asset-Based Long-Term Care Using Life Insurance as a Foundation

Use existing assets to protect you and your loved ones from the expenses, and perhaps the emotional strain, that can arise when a family faces the need for long-term care.

Premium options — Use existing assets, such as a CD, savings or IRA, as a one-time-only premium payment, or choose guaranteed annual premiums that can never increase
Asset protection — Get the security of a life insurance policy that grows at a minimum, tax-deferred interest rate
Tax-free benefits — Pay no income tax if you use your life insurance for qualifying long-term care expenses — should you need it
Leave a legacy — If you never use the long-term care benefit or if you only use a portion of it, your named beneficiaries will receive the death benefit — income tax-free

I often tell my clients that acquiring Long Term Care (LTC) protection will not make you rich, but it will prevent you from becoming poor, and why wouldn’t you want to pay wholesale pricing now vs. retail later if you or a family member does need LTC?  To learn more, call or email me. 

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